• Easter Bunny’s carrot smoothie
    Easter Bunny’s carrot smoothie Apr/2019

    If all the holidays rely on marketing, why not serve the "Easter Bunny's favorite smoothie recipe"?

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  • Carrot and orange soup
    Carrot and orange soup Jan/2019

    A simple yet fancy soup to please babies, toddlers, adults and rabbits!

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  • Beet and Apple Juice
    Beet and Apple Juice Oct/2018

    Holidays are a great opportunity to introduce new flavors in a more creative way... especially for the little ones!

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  • Loaded Potato Soup
    Loaded Potato Soup Feb/2018

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  • Creamy avocado with banana and cinnamon
    Creamy avocado with banana and cinnamon Feb/2018

    A great choice for dessert, breakfast or an afternoon snack! Just increase the ingredients proportionally to not leave the rest of the family out of it!

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  • Pineapple and mint juice
    Pineapple and mint juice Feb/2018

    So Brazilian! Apart from being a typical juice from Brazil, the main ingredients are the colors of our flag!

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  • Banana and oats pancake
    Banana and oats pancake Feb/2018

    Four ingredients that will make your breakfast or snack healthier and delicious! Serve with fruits, honey or sprinkle some cinnamon over it!

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